Modern Travel Gear for Women Wanderers.

Photo of Meredith Norwood - traveling woman in thailand in red dress in a temple - by Sergei ElizarevFarawild started as a dream shop for a traveler like myself. 🌙 I've always been a traveler, and I've always loved the thrill of the unknown. As a female traveler, your needs are a little bit more eclectic than going to the sporting good store, or TJ Maxx, or scowering Amazon's best sellers. I wanted to create something better, a step up, and focus the most necessary, joy-sparking, and long-lasting products made for women travelers . . . reduce waste while doing it.  

I am Meredith and I am the Founder of FARAWILD. Designing products in the NYC Home Fashion industry taught me not only how much I can create, but how much I LOVE it. 💜

While working for companies that mass create products to be sold in major retailers around the World, I noticed how not all of the products I was making were ethical or good for everyone, or the Earth. We’d design items that were sold in plastic packaging, made with questionable resources, and in sometimes unethical situations. I wanted to have more power over my design and my passions.

She's free, fearless, starlight magic & chaos. She belongs to no one, and embraces everyone. She's a wild woman, an ethereal spark of life. 

Meredith Norwood and Mel Di - Team Farawild - Women Owned BrandMel is Farawild's new expert in all things shop, backend, and logistics. We met through friends in Chiang Mai, Thailand, saw an opportunity to work together towards a common goal of creating a store for the women in our lives and women who aspire to travel the world independently, and decided to team up and establish Farawild as a reputable brand in the industry.


FARAWILD is for the mindful traveler, the mover and shaker, the wanderluster, the minimalist zero-trace explorer. We provide you with helpful products that will let you fly farther . . . not extra accessories to weigh you down.

FARAWILD is for you if you want to ... feel inspired daily by your environment, explore the world slowly, and live a balanced life that does not include constant work.

FARAWILD is for that day off where your mind takes a break. Go lay in a park and read today! Wander, and go swimming in the ocean, or hang out with friends, and do it all with your zero trace ethically made nomad intelligent brands & resources!

Travel Practically

Traveling light opens up new possibilities for adventure (and more room for souvenirs). All of our products fill real-world needs and fit perfectly into a minimalist lifestyle.

Sustainable Travel

We provide you with gear that will be with you for many adventures, made with materials that are not harming the environment. We reduce waste by only listing products that have a long lifetime and are built for the wear and tear of the road, and provide an alternative for single use plastic items.



Female Travelers

With a focus on female travelers, we can get down to what's most important for you. Safety, comfort, and practical needs that are often overlooked for women. Additionally, we source products from independent female entrepreneurs. Our For Women By Women collection focuses on just that. In supporting each other we make the world better for everyone.

Travel Wildly 

It's not just about traveling and country counting, it's about the freedom of exploring your own creativity & intuition, your deeper self. You are not a caged spirit, let your feet take you places.

Partners, Makers & Collaborators

Farawild supports new and innovative ideas in travel. We've partnered with designers and inventors who have created smart products that make travel better for you.  
Get Dirty With Me Kameleon Rose - the ultimate travel dress. multi use travel clothing SurfWorthy - save the ocean badass surf apparel MADI Apparel - ethical lingerie
Atitlan Leather - help a village in Guatemala survive the off season OM THE GO - 2 in 1 travel pillow and travel yoga mat menstrual cup zero cup Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle