Tested by real surf girls, in double-overhead sessions. It's worthy of all waves, down to every double lining and stitch. These are strong bikinis made to last!

With an extra impact mindset, You'll feel good about purchasing SurfWorthy bikinis. Check it out! 

10% of every purchase goes directly to the Coral Triangle Center in Indonesia, which has one of the most at-risk reefs in the world. They protect the reefs, plant coral and mangroves, study marine life and educate fisheries on sustainable practice - all in Bali! 

While working as a Scuba Diving Instructor in Bali in 2007, George was frustrated with the state of plastic pollution in the sea. Not only that, but over fishing and coral reef destruction that she witnessed daily. Plus, women didn’t seem to receive any respect as real surfers. Are we not charging the same waves? Lastly, she couldn't find a bikini that stayed on when she surfed.

And so, SurfWorthy was the perfect solution. 


Make better bikinis, Help a cause to preserve our oceans, and give women an extra boost to be taken seriously as surfers. Definitely a great idea. 

Keep looking for a new collection from SurfWorthy made from recycled materials!

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