MADI Apparel

A socially conscious intimate apparel brand committed to creating positive change where it's most needed, and making an impact in all areas of the Intimates Industry!

Look at this lineup of great ways you're making the world a better place by buying these comfy and practical undies. It just so happens, they're also great for travel!

1. For every item sold, they donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need. They intend to end the urgent need for underwear on a global scale. 

Over 4,500 pairs have been donated because of orders!

2.  All items are designed in-house and cut & sewn by women in Kansas City, MO. They're sustaining jobs in the USA, and empowering local women.

3. Intimates made with long-lasting, super soft viscose from bamboo and long-lasting Made in the USA lace fabrics. By making apparel that has a life span of 3 times that of many competitors, they're creating less end-waste on the environment.

Read more about their process, donations, and impact at