Get Dirty With Me

Get Dirty With Me

Powdered cleansers imported and made in Australia that are light weight, chemical free, and easy for travel. Bring one packet with you and replace 5 bottles in your suitcase!

Leah McHughLeah McHugh wanted to find something lighter for her bag, something easier for daily use, and something better for the earth for traveling the world. After trying baking soda/vinegar that dried out her hair, shampoo bars which left it waxy, and getting fed up from buying cheap chemical filled products from country to country, she created her own solution: Get Dirty With Me. These 100% natural, clay-based cleansers can be used for just about everything. Try it as shampoo, a facial mask, facial scrub, body wash, dry shampoo, laundry detergent, and dish soap.

Replace 5 bottles in your suitcase - no stopping at security to pull out your liquids.

Keep your hair/skin beautiful and fresh while traveling - 100% Natural.

Earth friendly and body friendly ingredients. No poo, paleo, vegan, gluten free, and the bags are biodegradable.

"Here’s to freedom, joy + the expansive possibility of uncharted territory + friends not yet met. To travelling light, living large + being a little bit dirty."