The Story of an Agency Owner, VA Coach, & Mother Who Travels

Traveling with kids sounds scary and overwhelming. I find women feel like their lives end when they have a child and it's just not true. When you design a life according to your values and goals then having kids is like icing on the cake...not a chore. 

90 day VA challenge, become a digital nomad

When did you first know you were a traveler? 

When I was 14 my parents switched us to independent study and took us to Europe for a month. After that I went on school + church trips throughout high school and in college was off during every holiday!

Tell me a little about where you've gone so far. What are your favorite locations and most impactful trips?

Esther Inman 90 Virtual Assistant program, work from anywhereAll over Europe...I think every country in western and central Europe. A lot of Asia too, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor, India and more planned! I lived in Slovakia for a year and that was very impactful being my first time living abroad. I made lifetime friends and met others that loved to travel and live around the world so it seemed less crazy. I also met my husband there who was working in the embassy so thats a big deal! Otherwise I've spent several months in India and that forever changed the way I look at people and the world.

What do you do for work as a Digital Nomad?

I run a virtual agency and teach fellow travel lovers how to be virtual assistants and work from anywhere too.

Do you run 3 companies essentially? Can you tell me more about each company and how they fit together in your daily life now?

Ester Inman, remote worker, bali, travel lifestlyeIt's funny because I forget that I run essentially 3 companies because they are all interconnected. But I started my own agency + consulting creating online courses for international influencer clients. I had so many women asking me how I work online so I started mentoring and running programs under Virtual Assistant Internship. They work together because girls come out of my 90 Day VA program and can work for me or my clients AND I am able to test online course + digital marketing stuff I want to do with my clients on my own programs first before making recommendations. I essentially am my own case study.
Then the third business is really tiny, I just kept getting asked by business friends to refer a good VA but its time consuming to vet candidates so we have a referral program now vs. me doing it for free. That's not really it's own brand though, I kind of have it underneath mine. I also do modeling now too so's a lot but everything connects so it feels very fluid. 
My main focus is on Virtual Assistant Internship and I limit the online course consulting clients I take on and other projects so I can ensure my girls get as much of my attention as possible.
Esther is Wearing the Ultimate Travel Dress in Red
Esther Inman Ultimate Travel Dress virtual assistant internship

What is your packing style?

I keep is simple with all black but then bring fun colors in scarfs, shoes + dresses to keep it fun.

What are your favorite items that you always travel with?

I have a big bright green pressed wool shawl I got from an almost 100 year old American woman living in India most of her life serving the severely impoverished people there. I bring it everywhere with me and use it as a sweater, pillow, scarf, blanket, etc. I am also getting really into shampoo bars and similar face washes and such to reduce our luggage. We travel a lot and usually carry on so we are always looking for little things like that.


I'd love to hear more about traveling with a son. What obstacles do you encounter, and what are the benefits?

Can you travel to Bali with kids?Traveling with kids sounds scary and overwhelming. I find women feel like their lives end when they have a child and it's just not true. When you design a life according to your values and goals then having kids is like icing on the cake...not a chore. When you travel with a child you do have to travel slower because they can't walk around a city all day, must bring snacks + water and a few toys in case they get bored and ensure you are keeping up on their education. But that's about it. 

So for us we find basing abroad to be the best so we chose Bali because it's wonderful and very expat friendly. Then we can take trips every 2 months for however long we like around Asia and Oceania. We enrolled him in a small and lovely expat school here that just sends work with us when we take trips so he doesn't get behind. We sit every morning and I'll do some work while my husband does some school with him, sometimes we stay home entire days if I have a lot of work and he'll do extra those days. When my husband isn't with us then I just plan to not work beyond email check while we are on trips! We spend the morning at home chilling + school work and then go on an adventure the rest of the day. I love it because we go places I wouldn't ever go if I was alone and they end up being really fun!

Do you see yourself staying in Bali long term or do you have other dream locations for the future?

I see us here for awhile longer. Every time I think about leaving I get really sad and we have more places in Asia we want to go so that makes me think we will be here awhile longer. We've also talked about doing 1-2 years in Europe and basing in Prague or Paris but it's tough with the visas for Americans. Another dream is NYC for a year.   

What was your life like before you started traveling?

The amount of wasted time on errands, groceries, cooking, chores, and family 'must attend' this kids birthday or that cousins mind blowing. We love Bali because we have staff to help us with everything but also when you travel you aren't locked into those things either. We choose to live simply so we can prioritize money for easy but healthy meals, no chores and very few errands. Honestly I get about 30 more hours a week for my business this way and end up making more money! We also have more family time to do fun things like travel or just go out to dinner together and play a game. 
Mom's happier because she isn't doing mindless crap, Dad is happy because Mom is happy and Son is happy because his parents are happy and actually around enjoying his company :)

Traveling with kids in Asia

What advice would you give to a new traveler?

Simplify your life as much as possible. You'll have more money to travel and spend on experiences that you'll remember forever vs. more stuff you can't take with you. Never worry about 'what if I need...' when packing. You can always buy something where you are going and they make great souvenirs. Chances are you won't need it and then didn't drag it around for months for no reason ;)

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