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When did you first know you were a traveler?

When I was a kid, all the books I read were about kids in other lands. And I loved National Geographic, and going to see National Geographic lectures about far-off countries and adventure travel. 

What do you do for work?

I’m a Digital Nomad, a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Blogger.

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Grateful for COLORFUL Mexico! Happy Spring 💖

Tell me a little about where you've gone so far. What are your favorite locations and most impactful trips?

My parents were adventurous so as a kid we traveled quite a bit. On my first trip to the Caribbean I felt this huge sense of “I am HOME. THIS is where I am meant to be” when I stepped off the plane into the lush jungle and palm trees. I was about 14 and had never felt like that before. I’ve visited and sailed to many of the Caribbean islands, but still so many more to see.

We did a great road trip through Mexico in the mid 1970’s with my family of 6 plus a cousin and grand parents all packed in a VW bus, from Mexico City to Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido to Acapulco and back. I loved that trip, saw so much of humanity. And another great road trip through Ecuador in the early 1980’s, plus we went to the Galapagos and Panama Canal on that trip.

I’ve visited Europe and Asia. Italy will always have my heart and I hope to live there one day. I also loved Istanbul. I’ve been to Thailand to scuba dive (one of my fav countries to visit), I love all people and cultures and have a minor in Anthropology.

I live aboard my sailboat with my husband and two cats. Sailing is my favorite means of travel. From a mode-of-travel perspective my most impactful trip was sailing from Victoria, B.C.Canada, to Hawaii. It’s hard to pick one location or trip that had the most impact, they have all impacted me in different ways, and have all made me grow as a person.

Travel is in my blood.

I've also done some great road trips across the US, where my grandpa taught me to read a map and navigate for him as we traveled. On our sailboat I am the navigator and am known as the “Navigirl”! I guess one of my most memorable trips would be backpacking across Jamaica for our honeymoon.

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What are your favorite items that you always travel with?

iPhone as my camera + it’s full of music, books, maps, sometimes a Moon Publications or Lonely Planet guide book, then my herbal remedies to stay healthy on the road. Organic Essential Oil hand cleaner that doubles as a natural mosquito repellent. Oregano oil is great for food poisoning (wish I’d had that with me in Thailand!) Arnica for sore muscles when you’ve walked all over Istanbul. Raspberry Seed Oil is naturally SPF 40 without any toxic chemicals. Wash-n-wear clothes that dry quickly. I love Rayon because it’s a natural fiber, is super cool, and packs well. It doesn’t dry as fast as synthetics, but faster than cotton.

What advice would you give to a new traveler?

Be adventurous! Get outside your comfort zone, that’s where the real life is lived. Be open to trying new experiences you might not otherwise try. And never stay in an all inclusive resort. But still be prudent with a sense of street smarts, so you don’t get into sticky situations.


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