The Queen of Numbers • Working Remotely as an Accountant & Traveling the World Full Time

To me, Carole is the Queen of Numbers, because she travels and makes a living by working with numbers every day (plus she travels with a tiara - TREAT YO SELF GIRL!). But that doesn't mean she only thinks in numbers. She travels the world and is inspired by it, and has crafts and creative pursuits that she practices around the world. She has a love of ceramics and pottery. She loves tasting food worldwide and continues cooking as a craft. She loves interior design and part of the fun of travel for her is booking cute places to stay! Environments to live in and love, and maybe return to at another time. Carole is a little older than most of the other travelers, but that doesn't make a difference to us younger ones. She's still a great friend to all of us! - Meredith

carole campbell traveling accountant

What do you do for work?

Financial organizer for creative peeps.

Tell me a little about where you've gone so far. What are your favorite locations and most impactful trips?

Lots of Europe, some Asia, lots of USA, some Canada and Mexico, little bit of Central America.

What are your favorite items that you always travel with?

The TIARA!!!! And my foam roller, man. Lots of black clothes and plenty of cosmetics.

Carole Campbell travels with a Tiara

What advice would you give to a new traveler?

Ditch the hair dryer

What kind of creative work do your clients do?

I love working with artists of all kinds, my clients have included graphic designers, TV producers, magicians, editors and sound designers. I also love real estate and work with real estate professionals as well.

 Thank you Croatia, for making parmesan and seafood not only ok, but extraordinary. It's magic being here eating Italian with French music on a sunny cool day. Some lunches are perfect and this isn't the first one for me here. Grate-fulplus.
Thank you Croatia, for making parmesan and seafood not only ok, but extraordinary. It's magic being here eating Italian with French music on a sunny cool day. Some lunches are perfect and this isn't the first one for me here. Grate-fulplus. - Carole Campbell

How do you negotiate pricing as a traveling professional?

I have several different ways of pricing work, each client is unique in their needs, so we talk and figure out what would work best. Sometimes it is hourly, sometimes I propose a monthly retainer.

Do you find clients are opposed to you being location independent?

I have never had a problem with this, but I am very up front about my lifestyle and passion for travel. It comes first for me so if someone isn’t looking for a remote professional, we probably don’t expand the conversation to discuss work.

mostar old bridge

How do you balance work and travel? Do you keep a routine or have to buckle down at certain times of the day to work?

I think this is so individual. I have developed my own way of managing this over time. I have a timeframe in my head for each of my clients. I know what I have to cover monthly and weekly for each of them. I look at each upcoming week and consider what I need to get done. Then I decide how much exploring can fit into that week given the work load. I also make sure to balance exercise and rest into my schedule, it’s so important.

In terms of managing money while traveling, what advice would you give a nomadic traveler?

Again this is so individual. I’ve had different budgets along the way. It’s a matter of knowing what is reasonable for your own situation and knowing when to say no to things you can’t fit in. I try to book my travel and accommodations a few months ahead, I like to feel like things are paid for a bit ahead of time. 

 digital nomad girls in sofia bulgaria Carole with friend Jenny of @digitalnomadgirls in Sofia, Bulgaria. What a fabulous life!


I heard you practice mediation, how often do you meditate while traveling? Do you do it on a regular schedule?

I do meditate and my general rule of thumb is to do it more days in the week than not. If I'm doing it 4 or more days a week, I feel the benefits. I love this approach also because it takes the pressure off of doing it everyday. I know from experience this is hard to maintain for myself. And I am not hard on myself with this expectation if I miss a day or two.

When did you first know you were a traveler?

ahh don't know, either 8 years old or 2 years ago.

What is your ideal accommodation when you’re traveling? What do you make sure your place has when you’re choosing where to go?

Well, wifi of course. That is the most important thing wherever I go. I try to vary the type of places I stay, from hotels to airbnbs to friends houses to an occasional hostel. But the thing I have found is that not having good wifi makes things much more stressful. Other things can be compensated for, but that one is tough. I like to work from wherever I am staying, I like the quiet. I do use coworking spaces but really only a couple days a month. Places that are clean, with good beds, nice hosts and in safe neighborhoods are also things I look for. I find reading reviews of places gives great extra insight into what the spot is actually like. 

What's your dirty little secret?

I'm actually a book keeper. ;)


instagram account linkYou can follow Carole's travels on Instagram, @CaroleontheFly.

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  • lou

    i hope i may borrow a bit of your space to say hello and love from vegas to our long-lost nomad and friend…
    yay carole!!!
    you look like a kid, and so happy in every photo we see… it seems you’ve been away a lifetime.
    seeing you here is beautiful, exactly where we knew you would be-excited, happy, groovin’and movin’
    you are with me several times a week, our shipmates of 25 years send us a picture or snippet of footage from places we know you have been, and when we hear a voice from scotland or northern england i wonder ha’ long i’ took for the wee bairn to decipher their way of speaking…or when we get a post from phuket or sri lanka or port douglas and our mates say they are goin’ walkabout, i wonder where you are having lunch, or what train or tube you are on.
    our shipmate carol has been as nomadic as you, she house sits and roams, we get photos from halifax and costa rica, tobago to toronto…she decided to spend some time on the road years ago and neved stopped movin’.
    you must be thriving and celebrating every day…your pic. in sofia brings back wonderful days, thanks!!
    we are so happy you are happy.
    love from clare&lou

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