Our Top 5 Products that Reduce Single Use Plastic

Wondering what to do if you want to reduce your single use plastic? Here's 5 great options that travel girls are loving! Take a look at the top 5 popular choices for travel.

Bamboo To-Go Utensil Sets Reduce Single Use Plastic

There's a whole lot of power behind the avoidance of plastic straws. But a lot of times you can focus on one issue and ignore the others that are just as bad. Single use utensils are also a problem. This Utensil set has you covered for multiple items. It's made of 100% sustainable and non toxic bamboo. Includes a straw, fork, spoon, chopsticks, cleaner, and a cute Linen carrying case. Do you have one yet?


Solid Lotion Bars in a Reusable Tin Reduces Single Use Plastic

Don't get me wrong, one of my favorite things to do is to browse cosmetics and body care aisles. I LOVE looking at packaging, colors, design on the bottles. It's marketed to me, right? It's beautiful! And fills me with joy! But knowing that the bottles these things come in will stay in tact, somewhere in the world, in the ocean, in your back yard for years and years doesn't feel great. Not only are solid lotions great for travel because they're not another liquid you have to account for at the airport, but they can be purchased without packaging a lot of times, or they come in a tin that you can use again and again!

Cleansing Powder Drastically Reduces the Amount of Single Use Plastic Bottles You Use

This one's a good one, you can replace at least 5 bottles of liquid products you carry with you in your bag with this single easily packable baggy of powder cleanser. That's crazy! Use this and CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. Clean laundry, dishes, hair (plus conditioner), and face & body.

Reusable Water Bottles Reduce Single Use Plastic

Was this one obvious to you? Water bottles are one of the things that are just not necessary most places. If you're in a country that has clean, drinkable water from the tap, why do you need to buy it in bottles? You may already have a bottle, it's simply the easiest travel addition! They're available in most groceries world wide these days. They can be cute, stylish, and personalized. We can all vote yes to reusable water bottles!

Menstrual Cups Reduce Single Use Plastic in the Environment

menstrual cup zero cup eco friendly reduce waste

Our most popular and impactful item? The Zero Menstrual cup. Do you have a menstrual cup yet? If you do - good for you! There's SO MANY good reasons to make the switch. In terms of reducing plastic, you're doing good avoiding those plastic applicators.

If you love reducing waste, there's some more ideas for products to help you do that in our Zero Waste section! Shop Now 

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Here are our top 5 products that reduce single use plastic from Farawild

Have something to say? Comment below with ideas for ways to reduce plastic while traveling, or challenge us with a travel problem. 

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