Our Top 5 Items for Eco Friendly & Minimalist Female Travelers

There's lots of ways to categorize our products, but we wanted to give you the low down on the best selling items. Here they are, the top 5 in all their glory!

1. Bamboo Cutlery Set

I don't know about you, but it makes me cringe when a restaurant serves you a delicious meal only to disappoint you with a plastic straw in your drink. Most of the time, do you really need the straw? And if you do, there's better solutions, like a Bamboo straw as a part of our bamboo cutlery set. It also includes chopsticks, fork & spoon so you're prepared for every meal, as well as a straw cleaner (you're gonna need that) and a pouch to carry them all in. 

This is one of our best sellers for a reason - it's so well made, beautiful, and hand crafted. You can feel good about saving the environment and have a set that looks wonderful and makes you happy to use it.

bamboo cuterly set hand made and special


2. Vietnamese Coffee Maker

Admit it, you're addicted to caffeine, and you can't live without it! If this is you, you'd never guess but a Vietnamese Coffee maker makes one of the best ways to travel as a coffee lover.

1. It's stainless steel, so it will withstand a lot of packing and moving.

2. It doesn't require a filter, you can just pop in the coffee grounds and pour over your favorite blend.

3. It's easy to clean, just rinse it out after you've removed the grounds of course!

4. Ok so we weren't going to mention this but... it's super cute. Look at that rainbow style! I want it just for room decor in my next dingy hotel room! 😉


3. Asana Pillow - Yoga Mat & Neck Pillow in One

Clearly, this item was created by a genius. I have a hard time purchasing a neck pillow myself because I tend to be so minimal. But, when you put it in this context - I get a yoga mat too! - It's a whole new story. I'd love a yoga mat that's easier to travel with too - wouldn't you?


4. Retro Weekender Suitcase Tote

If you feel that warm feeling from a well organized bag, this little tote/suitcase combination may be just the thing. It's attracted a lot of attention here in our shop and we believe with good reason. It's got those details that make it both personal and fun, while also having all the pieces that help you organize. With this bag you can skip the packing cubes if you want to! Or not. It's up to you and your overly organized little self.

Weekender Tote/Suitcase Combo
5. The Ultimate Travel Dress

Last but not lease, this travel dress is killin' it. It's our top searched item and though it's a hard pill to swallow price wise, it's a dress that's made to last through anything. It can be worn in 20 different styles, so if you think about it, you get 20 outfits in one clothing item. If you didn't know, it's wrinkle free, has a hidden zippered pocket, has a bungee to help you pack it, and it's fast drying. You can go to a theme park and get drenched and then go on a hike, then flip it around and go out to dinner and drinks, all in the same dress. You'll be dressed to the 9's all day.

The Ultimate Dress for Travel, Made by women for women


Runners up:

These guys get a lot of traffic but didn't quite make our top 5. Maybe you can show them some love! 😻

6. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars
7. Rose Solid Lotion Bars in a Tin
8. Hendrix Bamboo Bralette 


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Top 5 Travel Items for Minimalist Eco Conscious Traveling Women

What other items should be here on Farawild? I invite you to leave a comment below.

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