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How to Stay Fashionable in Every Travel Instagram Photo

Is shopping in Consignment or Thrift stores a way to save money while traveling?

Of course! And also a great way to get out of the touristy areas and mix in with some locals. To me the clothing I buy abroad feels like a postcard or collection that I take with me all around the world. They also support local community causes because they are often charity run or ethical employers.

How often would you estimate you shop used vs. shop new clothing?

I wear about 95% second hand clothing - either from eBay, charity shops, or swapping with friends. The only things I buy new are underwear, swimwear and shoes because they can all be quite hard to thrift.

louise croft, fashionista traveler

How do you know when it’s time to move on from a piece of clothing?

When it stops "sparking joy."

Speaking of, How do you feel about the Marie Kondo method? 

I am a big Marie Kondo fan! I really love it and I use it both for buying in, and clearing out. I try hard to only buy things I absolutely adore - not just that are cheap or almost right - and that really helps me cut back. As a result of my clothes all being ethically sourced and bargains I often just wear something a couple of times for a photo or an event and then donate it back to a thrift shop. I consider charity shops like my personal clothing library - it means they can sell them again and earn money multiple times from the same item!
Louise Croft Lifestyle  "In my epic Marie Kondo clearout, I got rid of all but three of my books. I love reading but I don’t get any joy from owning the books, and I never really read something twice. So I just kept #GirlBoss, Mary Portas’ book, and a vintage book picture which features a dress I own. Not sure what that collection says about me!" - Louise Croft

What are some ways that you get rid of clothes once you’re ready to move on from them?

I mostly track down a clothing donation bin or a second hand shop. Occasionally I'll give clothing to friends or locals if there isn't a second hand clothing infrastructure to donate to. For example, in Cuba I took only clothes and books etc that I wasn't going to bring home - and as we traveled around I slowly gave everything away to local people we met. 

Travel Instagrammers Life! Fashionable and Ethical

Are there any countries in particular that you had trouble buying used clothing?

Every country is different and I generally find "western" countries and European ones to have the best second hand infrastructure. I have managed to find second hand in Thailand, Estonia, Bulgaria, Australia, America, Holland, Chile, but I haven't found many options in Vietnam, Georgia, Ukraine, and strangely France! 


Louise Croft

How often do you hold swap parties on your travels?

I've been to several over my years! I always love a swap party. Sometimes I don't stay long enough in one place to build up a group of girlfriends to invite over - but whenever I have it's been a huge success!
Louise Croft shops at thrift store around the world and has amazing instagram photos for it

How do you find used clothing stores while traveling?

Google, blogs, and asking around. I mostly just keep my eyes peeled and they seem to find me :)

What cities are great places to find fashion pieces? Would you be able to tell me top 5?

I've found so many wonderful things around the world! America is normally my favorite place to thrift because it's such a big part of the culture that there is tonnes of choice and great prices. I always come back with a massively overweight suitcase and lots of fabulous sequins. I also had lots of success in Brisbane (Australia) and of course England where is it such a high part of the high street. I also found a cool market in Tallinn and some really cool events in Holland.

Puerto Rico Love as a Travel Fashionista @digitalnomadgirl

Do you use a packing system like packing cubes of similar? How do you stay organized?

Yes I love packing cubes - they make life so much tidier and unpacking very quick. I roll up my clothes in categories - a cube of dresses, a cube of trousers/shorts/skirts, a cube of electronics etc. I swear by them. 

What size bag do you travel with?

I have a full sized suitcase weighing 22kg! Not very "nomadic" but I really enjoy having lots of cosmetics, a blender, and a varied wardrobe. I'm not a "one black tshirt that goes with everything" kind of girl.



Do you have any other tips or tricks for world shoppers?

Try to shop local and support smaller sellers - whether it's second hand or from boutique creators. Always check out local second hand instagrammers and bloggers to see if they'll show you around. It's a great way to meet people too!

If you want more tips on how to travel the world fashionably and ethically, follow Louise Croft on instagram or YouTube.


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How to travel fashionably and ethically as an instagram influencer

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