How to Travel the World as Yoga Teacher

My name is Namita Kulkarni, and I'm a traveling Yoga teacher and writer.

Sikkim Monastery

When did you first know you were a traveler?

Going to 8 different schools growing up and being glad about the variety gave me a clue.

What do you do for work?

Yoga teacher and writer. I run a travel and Yoga blog called Radically Ever After

Do you teach yoga while traveling or do you keep a home base? Are you a freelance writer? 

On some of my trips I've taught Yoga while on others I've been a guest on a retreat or a teacher training, as a Yoga blogger. As an Indian I do not easily get a work permit so that gets in the way often. 


Tell me a little about where you've gone so far. What are your favorite locations and most impactful trips?

Cuba for it's openness with sexuality, Bolivia for its bizarre natural beauty, and Netala a Himalayan village for belonging to a century long gone.

What else about this Himalayan Village?

In a world where a butterfly doesn’t flap its wings without it being tweeted, whatsapped, snapchatted and instagrammed about – whipping up its own little tornado in an already turbulent world – those five days in Netala (the Himalayan village) showed me what life in a far removed, way quieter world can feel like. That is what I loved about it. 

Hemkund Sahib trek
On a Hemkund Sahib Trek

What are your favorite items that you always travel with?

Different fragrances that I make myself for each trip. My Kindle because reading is such a need. Earphones because zoning out to music while gazing out of windows is what I feel like I was put on earth to do LOL

Tell me more about these Fragrances you make!

The link between fragrance and memory is one of my favorite quirks about the human brain, and making a special fragrance for each new trip is a great way to exploit that. My favorite is a few drops of geranium and lemon essential oils. Mixed with water inside a spray bottle – smells heavenly and a great companion on many a trip. Orange essential oil (diluted) is a year-long favorite. Some people have adverse reactions to certain essential oils, so make sure you use one that works for you. 

Travel and Yoga?

How about a travel pillow with a yoga mat inside?


waterfall in a cute travel dressWhat advice would you give to a new traveler?

People are far more likely to help than harm. The world is better than the evening news would have you believe.


You can follow Namita and her journey on her website at Radically Ever After




How to Travel the World as a Yoga Teacher and Writer

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