How She Created an Earth & Travel Friendly Hair Powder & Cleanser

Leah lives as a digital nomad, traveling around the world most of the time. She grew up in Sydney and Boston, so her accent's a little interesting but quite lovable. She loves yoga, cats, being a mermaid, and working in cafes.

When it comes to work, she knows her sh** as described by her business partner. With 7 years experience as an e-commerce and marketing consultant for multiple companies in the US, she's got it figured out. She's living a free life, traveling, learning, and staying a little bit dirty...

From necessity comes invention and she's created a line of clay-based powder shampoos that are designed for travel.

"I travel A LOT + was never able to find a natural solution that was also packable + carry-on friendly. I was totally fed up with security-clearance-mini-bottle-bullshit or buying cheap chemical-laden products in every new destination." 

She developed her hair powders during a difficult time in her life. She shaved her head as he mother was going through chemo treatments. The shave made her realize just how damaged her hair had become. And so, she tested on friends (not animals), and came up with a few formulas using traditional ingredients that work very well. Her friends started asking for them, and then Get Dirty With Me was born.

Have you tried shampoo bars? Shampoo bars are essentially soap, and while they may work for some, for others it leaves your hair dry and can be difficult to manage when you're traveling in and out of countries with different water qualities. They can strip your hair of natural oils, and can change the color of dyed hair (I know this from experience).

"Since 2015, Get Dirty With Me is all I’ve used on my hair. (Other than when I’m testing new ingredients. I’m always finding new (traditional) ingredients in my travels trying them on my head.)"

Mermaid Leah
Leah's Travel Style:

What’s your bag preference - Backpack or Rollerbag?
An Aqua Quest Backpack

Do you travel alone or with a partner?

Shop for Get Dirty With Me Shampoo & Cleansing Powders
Eco friendly cleansing powders

What's something you've acquired on your travels that you bring everywhere with you?
My cashmere wrap from Scotland.

What’s your favorite travel gear item you’d recommend to an aspiring nomad?
Get Dirty With Me powdered shampoo. It replaces 5 bottles of liquid with 1 flat and light pouch. Also, packing cubes.

What’s something weird that you bring that most people wouldn’t?

I have been known to travel with a full mermaid tail for swimming. It's a pain to pack, but worth it.

What did you bring from home that you still have?
I have a little stuffed toy cat that my Mum bought me. It always comes with me on my travels.

What things do you miss from home that you wish you could travel with?
Australian coffee and Amazon Prime (I grew up in both Australia and the US)

Have any of your habits changed since you’ve started travelling?
All of them? Some things I'm better at on the road, and some I struggle with. I'm more careful about what I eat when I'm at home, but I think I balance work/life better when I'm traveling. 

You Know What?

You can buy Leah's cleansers on Farawild now in 3 varieties:

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Leah Mchugh Head of hair natural travel powder shampoo

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