A Celebration of Women: Bond Women's Festival

We're looking forward to Bond Women's Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand this January

bond women's festival in chiang mai, thailand, 2019

Have you heard about it? It's the first festival of it's kind in Chiang mai. Though there's always something fun and colorful happening in Thailand, on January 19th, we'll be celebrating all things Women and Women's Empowerment. 

When I started my own journey into starting Farawild, I wasn't sure where to begin. It's hard to say, when does the thought process of starting a business of your own really begin? I'd say, from day one of life! It's something I always dreamed of, and because of friends like Brook Woolf, Marcella Haddad, Carole Campbell, and Jennifer Lachs empowering me, I've set out to make it happen. As women, we tend to be born into a certain expectation, and breaking that mold is hard to do for some, but easy for others. I was inspired by all the women who are strong willed and badass who didn't make excuses and put their passions first.

    Bond Women's Festival will bring together those in all stages of progress. Those who are starting out on their own, are established in their own company, or work for other companies and happily partnered within a company they believe in.

    female empowerment workshops and events

    Some people ask "Are Men Allowed?"

    The answer: Overwhelmingly YES! Both men and women are invited to attend, but the event will be completely run by women. It's an open and safe platform to share something close to our hearts. And we want men to be in attendance.

    There's all kinds of events and attractions to look forward to at Bond Women's Festival.

    DJ's & Dancing

    Mastermind Sessions


    Entrepreneurship Workshops

    Working for myself is one of the most fulfilling endeavors, and each small step is a big win. Farawild supports female travelers the same way it supports female business owners. We work with almost entirely all female product makers and female business owners.

    Take a look at our list of Women Made Products:

    Do you want to join us in Chiang Mai?

    RSVP to the event on Facebook AND Purchase tickets on Eventbrite 

    We're a sponsor of Bond Women's Festival happening in Chiang Mai Thailand, January 19th, 2018.

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