5 Favorite Travel Items by 5 Travelers

What did 5 different female travelers say when asked, 

"What is your favorite item you always travel with?"

These are items that nomadic girls are most thankful for having with them when they travel. 


Federica Travels with Her Favorite Baseball Cap

No matter where I go, I always have my baseball cap with me. I own quite a few of them, but in the last couple of years I’ve been traveling with my dear Juventus one (I’m a big soccer fan).

It’s really handy in every kind of situation and it often allows me to pack lighter. On hot and sunny days it’s perfect to protect my face from the sun and on rainy days to protect my head and my glasses from the rain. This way I don’t have to pack an umbrella and I avoid painful sunburns. On windy days it keeps my hair from being all over the place and on bad-hair days (I’m sure we all have those when we travel) it hides the mess perfectly. And finally, it’s a great ice-breaker. I’m a pretty shy person and this way I don’t have to initiate the conversation: soccer fans will start talking to me and then we ease into the conversation from there.

You can learn more about Federica on her website at ikigaitranslations.com or follow her on Instagram @ikigaitranslations.



Hannah Travels with a Blanket Scarf

My blanket scarf was a birthday present; it’s longer than I am and is either black with multi-coloured stripes or multi-coloured with black stripes, depending on which side it’s on. It’s been a blanket on planes, a hanky when receiving bad news, a pillow on buses, and a cushion to correct my posture in beachside cafes. It also looks fantastic as a scarf or shawl. It’s my travelling home comfort.

You can follow Hannah on her travels at ahannahintheworks.com.

You can read our blog post for more reasons why A Travel Scarf is the Best Travel Item Ever!


Yulia Travels with a Cute Passport Holder

I love my over the neck passport holder for any international trips  because I can access all of my boarding passes and documents very quickly and easily, while keeping my hands free the rest of the time. Also my documents won’t get lost or crumbled in it like they would if I was to jam them in a pocket. 

There’s also a zipped pocket for money 💰 in the back!

You can follow Yulia's travels at @accent_ways on Instagram.


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Tanya Travels with a Paracord Bracelet 

Suggested initially by my husband - I always carry 9 - 12 feet of paracord woven into a bracelet. I laughed at the idea at first then realized how useful it can be for a huge number of things. It can be a makeshift belt, clothes line, tying things to your luggage or securing a door for security...the list goes on and on.

Follow Tanya's travels at www.cantravelwilltravel.com.


Katie Pratt Travels with a Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire for Traveling Females

My kindle fire! It’s a perfect device that is really good on battery, focuses on reading but also has access to Netflix and WiFi! It’s not very used but the best portable computer I’ve had. Mine is maybe five or six years old, possibly older, so they’re incredibly reliable too. I’d definitely recommend if you’re taking off work or just doing a quick weekend trip and don’t need an actual computer, the kindle has enough battery for Netflix and books and everything! I’m sure iPads are the same, but I definitely wouldn’t consider them as reliable! I’ve started putting stickers on my cover from places I’ve visited or stayed. 





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5 Favorite Travel Items by 5 Travelers

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