5 Reasons to Always Pack a Notebook

It doesn’t matter what you’re working on, inspiration can strike anywhere.

If your focus is on business, you might think of a great idea for marketing.

If you’re a parent, maybe you think about something you want to teach or show your child. If you’re working to improve a relationship, you might need to note down a great idea to delight or surprise your partner. If you’re on a different country and are inspired because of something, you may want to write it down on your notebook.

Always travel with a notebook by Andrea Del Mar - Holistic travel

There are two things that can happen to you if you don’t have a way to catch your idea straight away:

  1. You’ll forget it.
  2. You’ll silently repeat it to yourself until you write it down.

Neither of these are great options. #1 should never happen! And #2 pulls you out of the present and blocks further inspiration from coming through at that time.

So, why not on your phone?


1. Distractions

It’s too easy to get distracted from writing down your idea when you see that you have a new mail, message, etc. Even if you don’t check the notification, the fact that you have a notification will start to pull you out of your inspiration zone and into the realm of socializing. Even seeing your weather app can spark off a train of thoughts about what you’re doing on the weekend or when you saw your last sunrise.

When you write on a notebook, none of these interruptions arise. You only encounter a blank page and all that is waiting for you is the space where you can capture and even expand upon, your inspiration.

Why you should always travel with a notebook.


2. Focus

Even if you remain focused and write down the idea on your phone, as soon as you’re done writing, the next thing you’ll do is check those notifications! However, when you use a notebook, you’re not yet aware of the notifications on your phone. You remain focused on your original idea and open to further inspiration. One inspiration often tends to lead to more inspiration, as long as you can stay focused on that line of thinking!


3. Reminders!

A notebook reminds you with its very presence that you’re working on something and looking for inspiration, keeping you focused and alert to opportunities! If you carry a notebook with you in your bag or someplace visible, then you are reminded several times a day that your life has a focus and a goal at present! So when inspiration comes to you, your mind will be more attuned. Plus, other people could see your notebook and might ask you about it or you might even feel bound to explain it. When this happens, you will bring even more focus into your project because now you’re accountable for it! That person might ask you about your project later on, and won’t it look bad if you’ve forgotten all about it or you have to admit you’ve given up on it?

Having a notebook is extremely different than your phone, which reminds you that there are a million of other things happening in the world in this very moment and that you’re missing out on some of them. You phone encourages you to scroll and scroll and scroll and short attention span and never really finishing or focusing on anything in particular!


4. Problem-Free Living

If you’re not convinced yet, then consider the fact that writing in a notebook won’t really get you in trouble with the police when you do it at traffic lights. It’s also more socially acceptable to use at a park while watching your kids, and even slightly less jealousy inducing for your partner to see you writing in a blank book rather than wondering ‘who are you texting now?’


5. Inspiration!

Lastly, keeping all your ideas in one place where you can see them all together is a great reminder that ideas do come, and more will come! This is helpful to remember when you’re feeling flat. In fact, when you feel uninspired, you can flip through your notebook and immediately be inspired by what has been written before. You may even find something you didn’t quite finish that you could work on or give yourself the best breeding ground for another idea to be born. Remember that inspiration like to hang out with inspiration, even when that comes from the past.

A great idea for forward movement in your current project can even turn around a bad day. Inspiration has that power! Catching the idea is essential to your happiness!

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5 Reasons to Always Pack a Notebook as a Traveler



- By Andrea Del Mar -

Andrea Del Mar is a Blogger, Wellness Coach, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Music Producer, Record Label Owner and soon to be Psychologist with a Ph.D. You can find Andrea sipping tea while helping women around the world live a better life, one with residual income and, at the same time, happier, healthier, mindful, and more relaxing. Follow her blog where she shares weekly posts for the open-minded, the fearless and passionate. Or follow her on instagram for daily inspiration on how to live holistically.

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