5 Favorite Travel Items by 5 Travelers

What did 5 different travelers say when asked, 

"What is your favorite item you always travel with?"

These are items that nomadic girls are most thankful for having with them when they travel. What do you travel with?

Jennifer Lachs

Digital Nomad GirlsOne of my most treasured items is my planner which I always take with me. I have a shiny pink Domino Filofax planner with coloured paper which I use as a bullet journal, for goal setting and to doodle. While all my work is online, I really love writing on paper and getting my ideas down. It's also a really lovely routine to sit down with my planner and write down my achievements and goals every week.

Digital Nomad Girls | @digitalnomadgirls

Elly Earls

I’ve been travelling and working for nearly seven years and only bought myself a proper travelling backpack at the end of last year. I cannot recommend the Osprey Farpoint 55l highly enough.

The main backpack, which opens like a suitcase (not at the top), is really easy to pack and, thanks to the flexibility of the material and super-sturdy zips, fits a huge amount of stuff inside. I recently packed for 3 months in Bali and actually feel like I brought too much! The backpack straps also zip away extremely handily for when I want to carry it like a suitcase.

There is also a daypack-sized backpack that can either zip onto the front of the main bag or be used on its own. I use it for going to co-working spaces and for weekend trips. There’s a laptop pocket, another zipped pocket for documents, Kindles or journals (I always have at least a couple of journals and my Kindle with me), and although the bag looks super compact, it’s surprisingly spacious. I’ve taken it on a couple of two- to three-day trips and had more than enough stuff with me.

I know I’m not the only one who loves this bag as when I landed in Bali last week, I almost picked up three identical bags from the luggage belt! Note to self: must remember to attach a cute luggage tag for my next trip. 

www.ellyearls.com | @runaway_writer

Courtney & Edward

I traveled for an extended period for my first time last year, and I never would have survived without a journal. I actually had two - one was my bullet journal and one was an inexpensive little notebook I kept in my purse. I realized quickly that my days were blurring (I was in Japan and seeing a ton of temples and shrines) and I really didn’t want to mix up where I had been and when. I used my bullet journal to keep track of where I was when - dates, what hotels I stayed in, how I got there. The little notebook I kept daily notes in. Each day I woke up and planned out what I wanted to see and the order I should go see it in so that I could maximize my days without running around and spending a ton of extra money on bus fares. This also helped me keep track of my photos and the names of all the places I went. 

The bonus to doing all this is I now have a diary of where I went that I can look back on when I’m feeling nostalgic! I can go back thru both notebooks and remember where I was and what I was feeling each day I was there. I will definitely do that again on my next trip and will most likely keep going in the original notebooks I bought so that it’s now like a special travel diary!

Leave the Office Behind | @leavetheofficebehind

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Since I live and travel plastic free, my favorite travel item happened to be a filter water bottle so I can refuse plastic bottles wherever I am. And when I'm hiking I don't have to carry too much water with me, because I can drink from any fresh water source I find.



Traveling is one of my main sources of inspiration. That’s why I love carrying with me my watercolor supplies, so that I can put color into paper anywhere I am. It’s also a great way for me to disconnect from the screen. Being a graphic & web designer means being in front of the computer all time, so being able to create things with my hands makes me super happy. Here you have a picture of me painting in Ibiza, another from Morocco and another one painting at the beach in Sri Lanka.

Heartmade.es | @byheartmade | YouTube

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    I always travel with a planner, notebook and water bottle. Love the water coloring set idea!!

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