Favorite Travel Items for May 2018

1. Toiletry Bag with Handle

I don't know about you, but I can never resist a cute toiletry bag. This one happens to be an ideal size and shape for travel, along with your packing cubes of course. It fits in nicely, and can contain everything you'll need while on the road.


2. Boho Mini Backpack

If you're a traveler, you may have discovered the joy of a mini backpack. You can carry most anything you'll need (sunscreen, bottle of water, medicine, charger(s), wet wipes, sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray, make up, etc) The fact is, you can fit a lot in a little backpack, and it's better on your back even if you have a little weight, you'll feel it less than if it was in a shoulder purse.

Here's me with another mini backpack sold on Farawild. I'd say I've been through a few mini backpacks since becoming a traveler. It's always fun when you get a new style.

Do you travel with a mini backpack? What's yours like?


3. Asana Pillow - Yoga Mat & Neck Pillow in One

Clearly, this item was created by a genius. I have a hard time purchasing a neck pillow myself because I tend to be so minimal. But, when you put it in this context - I get a yoga mat too! - It's a whole new story. I'd love a yoga mat that's easier to travel with too - wouldn't you?


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What other items should be here on Farawild? I invite you to leave a comment below.

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